Friday, July 17, 2009

Cont. Update Time

Continuation from the previous post.

Father's Day: Kara, Mom and I make Dad a sign that tells where all his kids live, and how far from Merced they are. He loved it. Kara and I used our Cricut's (thanks so much Mom Fremming for mine) to cut out all the vinyl lettering, mom cut and painted the sign, and she and I put all the letters on. It was a fun project, great idea mom.

Girl's Reunion: The Smith Family reunion was in Oregon this year, so we decided to have a Girl's reunion at Magan's house in Washington the week before the Smith reunion. Mom, Jessica, Emily and I drove about 16 hours up to Magan's house. Emily did so great for being so young. Kara and Jenny also flew in, and we got lots of time to hangout together. We went to the Zoo, the Children's Museum, had a baby shower for Kara, played at the park, helped Magan move some, and chatted a lot. It was fun to get to be there.

Smith Reunion: We drove to Lincoln City for the Smith reunion. I was only there for an evening, but was glad to get to see some of my relatives, and the beach. The picture of Tyler and Kara I just thought was funny, so I wanted to post it. How far along are you Tyler?

Fremming Reunion: From Oregon I flew out to Lake Tahoe where Stephen's family had their reunion. We were there for about 5 days or so. It was beautiful weather, and fun being with more family. The day after I got there we got to take out some wave runners on the lake, super fun! That day Stephen and I also got burnt. We forgot to reapply, though we did come up with a very good parable about sun burns and the effects of sin, repentance, and gospel protection. We also played miniature golf, Stephen played real golf, we took a hike, rode a tandem bike, and got to watch the fireworks over the lake. Lots of fun and great food. Sorry there aren't any pictures from the Fremming reunion, I accidentally left my camera in Oregon.

Update Time!

It's about time right. So we've had a busy spring and beginning of summer, and we've loved it. Here's a little update on where we've been, and what we've been doing.

Memorial Weekend: we went to Huntington Beach to visit Stephen's friend Jared, and his wife Aubrey. We also got to see Brandon and Natalia. We played on the beach, watched professional volleyball, ate yummy food, and had fun just hanging out.

Plays: School ended and that week we went to see Lion King with my parents and Ryan and Jessica. For mothers day I gave my moms tickets to see Wicked. So at the end of June we had a girls night and drove up to San Francisco to see Wicked. It was my mom, Stephen's mom, my sister-in-law Jessica, Stephen's sister Kim, and myself. It was fantastic!

Utah Trip: Mid June we took a trip to Utah for Cameron's wedding. Cameron and Stephen have been friends since who knows when, for sure forever. We got to stay with Stephen's sister Kellee. We were glad to get to be there for Cameron's wedding, and Stephen enjoyed hanging out with some of his old friends. I got to stay in Utah a couple days more than Stephen, and visit my sister Kara. I loved hanging out with her and Ben. She is for sure the cutest pregnant girl ever, and the greatest friend ever.