Sunday, September 19, 2010

Apple Hill

On Friday we went to Apple Hill. We had a wonderful time. This is our 3rd year going together. The other two years we went on Saturday, this year we found out going on Friday is such a good idea, they were way less crowded. We spent most of our time at the bigger orchards, eating baked goods, drinking apple cider, looking at crafts, and just enjoying the time together. We liked eating all the apple items, we had: apple doughnut, apple turnover (my favorite), apple cider, apple cookie, apple pie, sour cream apple pie (Stephen's favorite), caramel apple, and apples. We were sugared out by the end of the day. It was beautiful up there.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fantastic Family Coast Trip

Last weekend we took a wonderful trip with our dogs Molly and Honey. It was our first over night trip with them to some place besides our parents house. Stephen had Friday off, so Thursday after work we drove over to the Monterey Coast area. We stayed in Pacific Grove, and that night took them for a nice walk around Asilomar Conference Center Grounds. The next day we took them down to Asilomar beach, and let them run. They had such a wonderful time running up and down the beach, playing in the waves, playing with a couple other dogs, chasing birds, exploring, and just running free. That afternoon we took them into Monterey to Cannery Row where we got some clam chowder, and sat in the beautiful sunshine. We then went over to Carmel, and played on Carmel's beautiful beach, where there were a lot of dogs running around (it's an off leash beach). It was so prefect getting to sit there on that great beach, looking out into the ocean, while our dogs ran around or laid near us. What a wonderful weekend!