Friday, June 25, 2010

Cromar Family Reunion

The Cromar Family Reunion was at Sunset State Beach. Part of the family stayed in a beach house overlooking Sunset Beach, and the rest of the family stayed at the Sunset Beach campgrounds. We had fun spending time with family, playing games, playing on the beach, having a baby shower, and just being together. Jessica, Jennifer, and I were all pregnant, so we had a triple baby shower. We played some fun games, ate treats, gave advice, cried some, and opened gifts. All of my siblings had gone together to get Stephen and I a beautiful painting by Elspeth Young called "For this Child I Prayed." It's a beautiful painting depicting Hannah and Samuel from the Bible. It was a very sweet gift, because we had prayed for a long time for this baby, and so had our families. We had a wonderful reunion, and were glad that all of the siblings were able to come.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Front yard Makeover

When we bought our house, we knew we would have to do a lot of work on the front yard. There were five foot Junipers lining the sidewalk making it so that you couldn't see our house. We also had tall Cypress covering the front of our house. Over two years Stephen with the help of our dads and my brother, tore everything out, put in a new fence, put in sprinklers and a soaker hose system, and planted new plants in the front yard. It turned out great! We also got our house painted, which makes it look even better. Here are the before and after pictures. We planted some beautiful trees that aren't in the pictures, but they look awesome!