Sunday, August 16, 2009


Here's my random post:
So the other day I went shopping. I had decided that I wanted a more professional wardrobe for work. So I went shopping and had one heck of a time finding pant, but I finally found some nice ones. The problem with pants these days, especially dress pants is that the bigger the dress pants, the taller they figure you are. So not true. I am a very average height, and a very average size, so you would think that an average size of pants would fit and average height girl. Once again, very much not true. So the pants that fit me are made for a girl that is at least 5'9".
There being not much way to get around this I decide that's okay, because I need some nice dress shoes. So I think to myself "I just need some comfortable heels." Right after I thought it, I realized "comfortable heels" is very much an oxymoron. But I decide to try to find some anyways. I found the cutest shoes, seriously cute shoes, and they are Aerosoles so they should be good for my feet.
I decide to wear these "comfortable heels" for the first day of school. Turns out that they support my feet very well, but also take off the skin on both pinky toes making it very hard to walk by the end of the day. When I got home I took care of the toes, and put band-aids on them. The next day they were feeling pretty good. The day after that one of the band-aids comes off, and when I got home I didn't do anything about it. Gross part- then Molly licked it, and it began to sting.
Yesterday morning when I woke up my toe was hurting very badly, it was swollen and super red. I realized it was infected and decided to take care of it later. As the day went on it got worse, and in the afternoon when I decided to take care of it, I saw that there was a red line going from the toe up my foot. Of course that kind of freaked me out, because I didn't want blood poisoning, so I went to the doctor and he put me on antibiotics.
Moral of the story- don't be a moron when you know something is an Oxymoron.
P.S. I'm now on antibiotics, and doing very well. No more red line.