Sunday, April 22, 2012


I love to dance! For my birthday Stephen found out about a dance we could go to and arranged for babysitting.  On Friday we went to Modesto to a dance put on by the Modesto Ballroom Dance Club.  They have a dance once a month.  They taught foxtrot lessons for the first hour, then played different types of dance music (foxtrot, cha cha, waltz, swing, tango, etc.) for the rest of the evening.  The theme was "A Gatsby Affair," and people dressed in costume.  We dressed up, and had a great time.  We enjoyed learning foxtrot together, and doing the little we know of some of the other dances.  We hope to do it again.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


We had a nice Easter.  We went down to Mom and Dad Fremming's house for a wonderful dinner with them and the Hansons.  For Easter I made Eleanor a dress.  It turned out to be harder than the "Fast and Easy" said on the package, but I was glad with how it came out.  It's the first dress I've sewn for her.  Mom Fremming helped me a lot.  It's nice to have someone helping that knows what they're doing.  (I just made the pink dress, not the sweater, that would be super fancy if I had though.) Eleanor got bubbles and chocolate from her grandparents, and she love love loves both.  Here's some pictures of Eleanor playing with her cousins, and making a "cheese" face.